My cannabis oil cartridge is not hitting. Fixed!

Is your pen / heavy hitters oil cartridge not working? Here’s one reason your pen might not be hitting. Mary Jane was sick today so our friend Seas covered how to fix your pen when it’s not burning your oils. source

Member OG Vape Cartridge 0.5g


Keep it 100 Strawberry Milk E Liquid Review

It’s a YouTube thing can’t put any links anymore! I apologize but you enough I love EightVape so make sure to check them out! xoxo source

Zilla cbd pods


LEGAL CBD OIL!?!?!?! WHAT…!?!?!?

So across the United States of America there is a secret that is not being told to us about CBD oil. The oil that I use is just 1 of MANY that are on the market for purchase. The Lyft that I had was over 25 dollars after taxes. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE My Snapchat:… Continue reading LEGAL CBD OIL!?!?!?! WHAT…!?!?!?

CTFO CBD Vape oil

Blueberry Cheesecake 🚭 Trying to quit smoking? Try our CBD VAPE today! You’ll be amazed! ✔ Two Delicious Flavors (Blueberry Cheesecake and Natural Citrus) ✔ Nicotine Free ✔ THC Free ✔ Pure CBD Hemp Oil source

CBD Vape Shot – Tutorial/Review – Vape Fellowship Episode 34

I will mix 8ml of Hela Bestla (by Thor Juice) with 2ml of CBD Vape Shot at 1000mg. Meaning in a 2ml tank I will have up to 200mg of CBD per said tank. I show you how to mix it and down to the vape and how it makes me feel, because everybody is… Continue reading CBD Vape Shot – Tutorial/Review – Vape Fellowship Episode 34

JustCBD | Feel the Difference

Since opening our doors in 2017, JustCBD has grown into one of the most reliable vendors on the planet for CBD products, including colorful edibles, powerful oil tinctures, pain creams, roll ons and much more. source

Stay AWAY from this Eliquid! 🤮🤢😷 The WORST vape juice EVER

Please Stay away from this Eliquid …. The WORST vape juice EVER! | E-Liquid / E juice Review This Video does contain some swearing my apologies! I got this … source

Georgia officials find spiked CBD vape products sold in the state

SAVANNAH, Ga. – When high schoolers around Savannah started passing out after puffing vapes last year, authorities focused on several products marketed as delivering the cannabis extract CBD. source