5 Reasons To Try Delta 8

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It’s an isomer of CBD that exist in both the Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant. We will be talking about the Hemp plant which is an isomer of CBD and it’s a middle ground between CBD and THC.


Yes, it is legal otherwise we wouldn’t be selling it. What makes it legal is the Farm Bill was passed and it makes it so that anything from the Hemp plant, isomers, derivatives, compounds; any product that is made with these has to have 0.03% Delta 9 THC or below.

We are talking about Delta 8 THC in this video. The Farm Bill says any product that is made has to have 0.03% Delta-9 THC or below. Which these products do, which makes it legal to sell and for you to use.


# 1 – It’s Legal

If you live in a state where Marijuana is not legal, and you don’t have dispensaries yet. Delta-8 might be legal in your state. We have a blog on our website: it goes through all of the states, if it’s legal or not legal. This is reason 1 – because it’s probably legal in your state to try and use Delta-8 THC.

# 2 – Delta-8 THC is Psychoactive

If you are into the psychoactive effects of THC and you use CBD but you are kind of missing that psychoactive effect. Delta-8 is the thing for you because it is psychoactive.

# 3 – It’s Getting Popular

It’s getting popular between CBD users, Marijuana and THC users, and the rest of us who are just into this whole counter culture alternative products situation. It’s going to be and it’s already gaining traffic for some of the reasons listed. So both CBD and THC users can find reasons to use this regardless of what you are currently using.

If you are a CBD user it’s an isomer of CBD, it has CBD than it does THC, but still CBD nonetheless. But, you are going to get a psychoactive effect. THC users, you’re still getting a psychoactive effective. It’s gaining popularity so you might as well just try it.

# 4 – Brand New & Innovative

THC itself is not brand new it’s been around for thousands of years. Products like these are brand new because they’ve figured a way to extract the Delta-8 from the Hemp plant. So products like this you’ll probably see tinctures around, you’ll probably see edibles, gummies, and things like that. There are more to come, I’m sure. It’s gaining popularity and trust me when I say it’s going to be popular.

It’s gaining popularity for a reason, people are looking for something, kind of like a THC situation; they don’t really want to go and buy a bag of weed and CBD is not really doing it for them. Enter in Delta-8, it’s brand new, it’s creative, it’s innovative, and there are products that are easily accessible to you guys to buy right now.

# 5 – Middle Ground Between CBD and THC

We talked about this in the beginning that we were going to be getting into it so here we go. It’s a middle ground between CBD and THC because it’s’ psychoactive but it still has some of the goodies that CBD would be delivering. Picture this – you smoke weed – or you have smoked weed but you get paranoid but it’s just not for you. While you enjoy the other benefits of it, like it might of got rid of your headache, or you used it to cure/help you with a hangover. Or you just couldn’t sleep very well.

You didn’t really like the – Oh, I’m super high feeling. Enter Delta-8, while it has a psychoactive effect it’s far less potent than Delta-9 THC but still psychoactive. If you do like the psychoactive effect but not as intense THC and CBD is just not cutting it for you. You can still get all the reasons you smoked weed in the first place; just not as intense. You’re going to get a lot more of that feeling because CBD is not psychoactive. You’re going to get that psychoactive effect where you wouldn’t with CBD.

It’s literally right in the middle of the 2. For all of those reasons you might as well give it a try; and of course like I said we have – Indica Blend – Sativa Blend – Hybrid Belnd. So there is something for everyone. You might as well go and try it, our cats sell for $49.99 each.


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