CBD Flower – Vape Cascadia Blooms Kush With Me! (Indica)

Smoke some Kush with me during my self-quarantine! See why I love Kush for a nice nighttime strain, tell me how you guys are doing and meet my dogs?

📍Kush Hemp is a high CBD strain derived from Pre-98 Bubba Kush with an unknown hemp strain. It is a cross-hybrid with Indica dominant. Flowers are dense with a green and purple hues. The terpenes have hints of wood, citrus and fuel. Good for when you want to chill. Our Kush was hand-planted on the East side of our field where it received plenty of sun each morning and was lavished with attention as we walked along its rows out to our pond each afternoon.

⭐️It has great, tight buds, and folks tell us it’s great for focus.

🎥Video Outline:
1. Flower Bud Closeup – 1:24
2. Time To Grind – 3:22
3. The Crafty Vaporizer – 4:48
4. Vape – 6:38
5. Chill – 9:55

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