Vape & Lounge, Beach Blvd: Worst Vape Shop in Jacksonville FL

I HAD TO DISABLE COMMENTS BECAUSE THE OWNER OR HIS EMPLOYEE HAS SEEN THIS VIDEO AND ARE SO INCREDIBLY BUTT HURT THAT THEY HAVE INSTRUCTED CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS TO COME AND COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO. I HAVE BEEN BOMBARDED IN THE LAST TWO HOURS BY PUNKS THAT LIVE OFF OF MAMA AND DADDY’S MONEY AND HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR ADULTS. THE LITTLE BASTARDS. I ALMOST REGRET NOT CUSSING THAT GUY OUT OR BEAMING THE BOX OF COILS AT HIS SHINY, PIMPLED FOREHEAD. FOR THAT GUY TO CLAIM MY ONE LITTLE VIDEO WOULDN’T HURT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE SO AWESOME, IT SURE SEEMS TO HAVE EFFECTED HIM. LmAo — Go to Shadetree for all of your Vaping needs. I have had the very best customer service from this establishment from DAY ONE. Having dealt with them multiple times per week while I lived in NC, I can say that these are good and genuine people that care deeply that the customer is fully satisfied, will return to shop and can speak highly of their experience. If you don’t see what you are looking for on their site, then contact them via email or phone.

The first guy said to me, “Well, I assumed you would have had the higher wattage vape.” I asked him why he would assume that? He said, because it’s the better one. I asked him, “So you gave me the coils for a better vape that you personally feel I should own because YOUR opinion is that it’s better?” He said that isn’t what he meant and when I asked him what did he mean then… he just stared at me. —

Hands down, the worst customer care one-on-one treatment I have ever experienced in my life. I’ve never been cussed like that by an employee at a bar. PLEASE support your local Mom n Pop, privately owned Vape shops where the owners are directly involved with the inner workings of the store and customer care. Employees should never treat anyone the way I was treated. But something tells me this guy is either related to the owner or will in some other way avoid being reprimanded for his actions. This owner obviously has his focus on every penny already made, regardless of the loss of future purchases by an individual… or in my case, by me and everyone in my family. We all vape and we will never go to Vape & Lounge. That’s five full time Vapers that spend on Vape supplies weekly and sometimes several times per week… NOT at Vape & Lounge. First and last visit to that establishment. Their policy and treatment is just appalling.

Vape & Lounge
10615 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246
:(904) 303-3222

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