*IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ* – Sadly i have been left no choice but to disable comments on this video. Due to the nature of the product being reviewed it tends to attract a lot of people who appear unable to comprehend the well known fact that taste is subjective. I simply do not have the time to argue with idiots, especially as i know they will always beat me with experience 😛

All i can say is that the E-Liquid i reviewed tastes very accurate to the real thing. Just bare in mind that this E-Liquid is the Cannabis flavour on its own……it will not have the added flavour of tobacco, cigarette paper, burning etc. Its basically just a very clean, Cannabis flavour and considering its made from real Cannabis plants I’m genuinely puzzled as to why some people claim that it doesn’t taste anything remotely like the real thing

In addition, i would also like to state that since this review i have purchased several more bottles of Cannabi Null and found them all to taste exactly like the bottle sent for this review

Although comments have now been disabled i would like to add some quoted comments that have been previously posted….3 “Positive” and 3 “Negative” to give a good balanced opinion from regular consumers that purchased this product:-


1. “my friend tried this because he needed to get a job and he had to quit smoking and it worked he said just the flavor made him feel satisfied and he hasnt gotten high in months”

2. “I watched this video a couple off days ago so i decided to order some big bottles.
I just received my order today…Very fast sending from israel to Europe!…and i’m vaping it at this moment.
This tastes Exactly like eating food with cannabis in it, the aftertaste makes me think i just eat big piece of a spacecake hehe
So.. this must be the closest taste to the real thing that i’ve tried so far, it’s not like Kush or haze or other top quality weed, more like cheap weed, BUT still worth the money, especially if i think at all the other so called cannabis tastes i tried until now!
I stopped vaping two minutes ago and still i have this great aftertaste in my mouth.
COOL I just did a test with 9ml cannabinull +1ml blueberry taste and now it tastes even better and i still get a nice aftertaste of weed.”

3. “Well i just received my Cannabi Null 30 ml e-liquid.
I have to say it REALLY smells like cannabis but i think it smells more like the “pollen” of it. The taste is not as strong as the smell but i can definitely recommend that one to all the vapers!”


1. “I have been a heavy proper weed smoker and tried other cannabis/weed flavored e-liquids and found them to be not so good, saw your review and thought “gona have to give that a try” Extracted from the plant and all that! So ordered a bottle of 30ml ,18mg. UK delivery was fast even on the cheapest option so all good there. Put some in a brand spanking new tank and vaped it…… and its fucking awful, taste is subjective but how the hell you managed to blow out big plumes like that without screwing your face up and getting what I would call the Deirdre Barlow neck on the exhale is unbelievable. It’s like soapy chlorophyll, the smell is also like Green Soap that is used in hospitals and for tattooing, it does have a slight weedy taint to it but no, its not good at all. In my humble opinion real weed and a dry herb vaporiser is the way to go if you want the taste of weed, plus you still get all the THC and CBD goodness but without rolling a joint with tobacco.
Going to let it steep and try it again at some point but honestly can’t see it improving to the point where I would care to use it”

2. “i have tried it and am very let down to say the least in my opinion there is no taste like skunk whatsoever, now a friend did recommend this and this review made my mind up then, however since then my friend ordered more and a larger amount and has said the flavour has changed in the second batch and is not the same as the first time,leavinf him very pissed off after buying a bigger bulk of it”

3. “Hello my friend. I’ve watched all your videos, and have spent quite a bit of money because of them, *only in a good way, i trust what you say*, haha all on me. But, BUT when i watched this video in particular, i was so excited. I ordered 3 bottles the next day. Well, i hate to say this, but i’m not sure what you smoked, when you did smoke, that tasted like this?! Super sorry to say, but this stuff is like smoking grass, and i mean in your front yard grass, not the real by any means”

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