What Does Vaping CBD Flower Feel Like? [CBD Flower Sampler]

In this video I review our new CBD flower sampler pack. The pack contains Sour Space Candy, Lifter and Bordeaux strains.

1. CBD Flowers in the Pack – 0:18
2. Bordeaux CBD Nug Closeup – 2:10
3. So Sticky – 3:23
4. Load the Crafty+ Vaporizer – 5:33
5. Vape Time and Flavor – 8:07
6. Effects – 9:52

CBD Strain 1: Lifter is Sativa-dominant, seen as a “daytime” strain for its energetic lifting of mood it is great for when seeking to elevate oneself with a clear mind.
“Lifter” flavor is sweet and toasty with velvety-berry notes, and sometimes citrusy overtones. This high-oil content flower is a crowd-favorite for it’s higher CBD content and smooth tasting profile.

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CBD Strain 2: The CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami sports a unique, terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel / Chem / OG lines. Crossing with Early Resin Berry yields a unique flavor profile reminiscent of sour candy from outer space. If interstellar travelers needed a sweet and sour snack to keep their head right during adventures, this would be the one!Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with great smells and a heady effect. Good anytime.

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CBD Strain 3: Bordeaux is a cross between Chardonnay and Berry Blossom. Bordeaux flowers emanate strong overtones of fresh cut strawberries and crushed lavender with hints of cherry. Tastes like sour orange creamsicle with fresh notes of sugary cream and tropical sweetness! Like a glass of fine wine, a joy for relaxing at the end of a long day. 13.7% CBDA and 0.3% CBGA

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