Diamond CBD Unboxing (2019)

Hello all, today I am unboxing CBD Diamond products. The items you’ll see in this video include:
Daily boost CBD Oil – Watermelon 300mg(10mg) Formula(2x)
Diamond CBD Gummies- Infused Gummy Bears (2x)
Liquid Gold CBD Tanks(carts x4)
Relax Gummies- CBD Infuse9d Gummy Bears – 750mg
Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil / Pina colada(25mg)

I am not affiliated with Diamond CBD and other brands mentioned in video. I am just a consumer sharing my experience. If you have any questions about these products you can look online at
or feel free to email me @ cbdhonestreview@gmail.com about my 100% honest feedback. I am somewhat new to CBD and all it can offer but I will try my best to help with any questions. Review coming soon for the products show cased!


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