CBD Vapes are a SCAM! | Is Your CBD Vape Safe?!

Your CBD Vape might actually be hurting you, or at the very least you wasted your money! Watch my video to learn how CBD Vape Companies are Scamming you!

When switching from THC based products to CBD based products; I was surprised to learn every CBD Vape pen has been cut! One company is actually using a cutting agent which is prohibited in Colorado because of known issues when inhaled!

Today I will explain why current CBD Vapes are a scam, and in one case dangerous to your health, and show you what to look for when buying CBD products!

Don’t get scammed, Spend your money wisely!

Read the full blog post by clicking the link below!

Is your CBD Vape Safe? What is in your Vape Pens? Most of the time it is not just pure cannabis oil or CBD oil, but rather it is cut with other products. One CBD Vape is putting your health at risk!


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