$3 Mlife M10 CBD oil vape kit unbox and review

All vape kits are designed and produced by MLIFE, Shenzhen,China. For mass production or OEM, please contact: marketing@mlifevapor.com or TEL: +86 13302965988, Mr Li
Hello You can have a look at our e-cigarette, which will satisfy you

Model: M10
▪ Super Compact Design
▪ High-Quality Feeling Finish
▪ Easy to Use
▪ Easy to Travel with
▪ Disposable Vape Device

CBD oil and e-liquid refillable.
Weight: 12.8g(0.45oz)
Dimension: 48.5×23.5x13mm
Battery: 240mAh
E-liquid: 0.9ml
Power range: 6.5W
Coil: 1.5Ω Ceramic
Drawing: 200 puffs
Packaging: Each in a gift box

The Gum Pod is an adorable mini Pod taking the shape of the Extra Chewing Gum. You will see what it looks like at the first sight. Despite of its compact construction, it is quite powerful when doing vaporization.You can put it inside the watch pocket of your jeans just like a coin or a key.

Mlife was founded in 2008, has been committed to designing and producing of e-cigarettes for European and American customers. Warmly welcome to call us for requesting samples and mass customized production.


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