Slactavis syrup & Krypted K-pen reviewn also add distillate to your e cig by Calicapablejeff

High and welcome to another review Of cannabis and cannabis products. Today I think I have found my favorite edible. It’s Slactavis medicinal cannabis syrup and it truly is good medicine. Also I have the K-pen CBD vape pen by Krypted. Simply one of the best cbd vape companys out. Also I discuss adding your own oils to your e cig featuring oil from Trinity gold and Live resin from Burning bush co cal. Please medicate at your own risk and make sure your meds have been tested. Thank you for watching. Like,fav,sub and I will pass this internet joint to you!!! Peace and love and burn trees
Slactavis :
Burning bush co cal:
Trinity gold:
aspire vapes:


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