CBD E-liquid by nu-x®. Enjoy a Pure CBD Vape Juice Product Experience

Watch and enjoy this brief introduction of nu-x CBD®, the latest high purity, high quality CBD brand on the market. This flavorful vape juice product is available to CBD consumers in a tincture, concentrate and e-liquid form.

nu-x® CBD vape juice is an e-liquid that brings small-batch crafted flavor profiles to your senses promising an invigorating e-liquid experience. nu-x® sources their CBD from reputable suppliers and all their industrial hemp is domestically grown and processed in the USA. The nu-x® CBD line is perfect for vapor enthusiasts craving a CBD e-liquid high in flavor and purity, without sacrificing quality,

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The first nu-x® e-juice displayed in the nu-x®, “Naturally Pure” debut video is Matri. Matri is available in a 30 mL, attractive and cheerful bright yellow bottle with 1000mg of CBD inside. Matri has a tropically soothing twist of lychee and mango that is sweet and satisfying.

nu-x® Rainer is another tropically inspired CBD e-juice by nu-x® that delivers the sweet blends of peach and dragon fruit. The lingering flavor promises of a tropical taste and smooth draw.

Cirrus CBD e-liquid by nu-x® packs in the comforting bliss of french toast topped with strawberry maple syrup. This sweet and savory flavor combination mimics a delicious breakfast blend that’s enjoyable throughout the day.

Tellus by nu-x® is an e-liquid that takes on a completely different approach to sweet. The Tellus dessert profile has 1000mg on CBD in each 30mL bottle. The flavor profile of banana and graham cracker crunch topped with whipped cream and caramel is sweet and plentiful. If your sweet tooth is strong then Tellus CBD by nu-x® is a fantastic CBD e-liquid to try.

The tobacco flavor profile offered in Sierra is mature and deep. Sierra CBD e-juice is perfect for those looking for a soothing vapor infused draw with notes of vanilla. This particular e-liquid taps into a desirable tobacco CBD e-liquid flavor preference that has a consistently rich flavor with high quality CBD.

CBD by nu-x® is sourced only from domestic industrial hemp plants using mature and dependable manufacturing supply lines which keeps quality consistent and purity high. Verified both in-house and by 3rd party labs, consumers get amazing CBD packed into intensely delicious e-liquid flavors, all unique and all available now at nu-x.com.

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