CBD vs THC (my experience)

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My Back Story With Weed:

For eight years, from 2010-2017, I smoked almost every day. Although many people smoke every day, I did it in a way that avoided emotions and responsibilities that I (1) didn’t want to deal with and (2) didn’t know how to deal with.

As such, my life down spiraled in many ways. Simply put, smoking weed was my entire purpose and the only thing that made me feel good.

Without any goals and aspirations, or rather, without pursuing and achieving goals and aspirations, my life became empty. In the hopes of creating a better life, I felt that quitting pot for life was the only solution. It was a do or die type mentality.

From 2011-2017, I was frustrated with my inability to stay committed and quit weed.

Here’s the key, I was focused on the wrong thing. Rather than focusing on the actions it takes to achieve my goals, I focused on actions that it took to not smoke weed. Achieving our goals has nothing to do with smoking or not smoking, it has to do with doing the things one must do in order to achieve one’s goals.

That also includes the way one smokes weed. But it’s only part of the picture.

Thus, I stopped trying to quit, because ultimately I LOVE weed and the benefits it can have for people.

What I also stopped doing was smoking in a way that hurt me and took me away from my goals.

Now a days, I focus primarily on the creation of my goals and dreams. I align all my actions and lifestyle with this primary goal. This includes aligning the way I use pot to serve my purpose.

I no longer smoke everyday. I no longer smoke every week. Currently, I only smoke when I’ve achieved certain goals. Cause goals are more important than being high.

What works for me is this: Being high is only allowed when the goals are being achieved. Otherwise, being high is a waste of time, energy, and ultimately not empowering on a daily basis.

I get what I truly want now. I achieve the goals and I still enjoy the beauty of marijuana when it fits in my life!


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