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What Vape pen works with Hemp CBD? Will it work with my THC carts?

Lost your vape pen, looking for replacement? Scrambling for a shop that ships to your door quick?

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Maybe you want one that works with all your carts, or last all day. Well stop your search & visit us on best practices for how use, where to buy.

Our website has helpful images and instructions for your vape pen battery or ours.

Choose from 6 colors we have, each is a complete set including the USB charger under $15. 350mah voltage variable vape pens come in Red, Blue, Silver, Black, White or Rainbow colors.

Learn how to charge, or change voltage for different carts or heavier pulls. Go to our vape section and look at the page instructions for more. (link above) These Vape battery’s that last all day on a single charge under $15.

From CBD to THC these battery’s feature a universal 510 thread that just screws right on and includes a rechargeable USB adapter.

CBD carts this works with:
Creating Better Days
Funky Farms
Pinnacle Hemp
Sunstate Hemp
and more….

THC carts this works with:
Brite Labs
Dank vape
Brass Knuckles
Exotic Hemp
and more….

or come in to our store located at 286 state rte 35, Ground Floor, Eatontown, NJ
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