Cindy Cheese and OG Kush Cartridge: High Kind Cannabis Co. Full Review

The fine folks at High Kind Cannabis Co. sent me a few of their CBD/CBG distillate cartridges to test. These carts are dispensary quality and provide a “True Cannabis Experience”. The OG Kush has a peppery, full cannabis flavor and provides deep relaxation of mind and body. Stay focused and calm with the Cindy Cheese cart from their Limited Edition collection. Over 2.5 grams of premium cannabis flower is used to derive the terpenes found within this collection. The flavor is Amazing! It is so cheesy and rich that I often felt as if I had just inhaled some top-shelf herb. Both of these cartridges delivered smooth, focused relaxation and received a 5 out of 5 on my Dabber Scale.
Click on the link to access their site. Let them know The CBD Dabber sent you 😉

All of the music used in this review was acquired from open source music collections and not my own work. “Lost Time” and “Night Waves” from unknown artist.


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