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CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks: Did it work? Watch to find out!

Mediprana CBD Oil Review

CBD oil is being touted as the next big thing, and though it’s been proven to work in people with seizures, it has not yet been proven to help with any of the other claims on the bottles.

When I get anxious, I get a weird breathing issue where it feels like I can’t get enough air. I’ve had it since I was 15 and continue to have it when I’m overly stressed or anxious. I’ve seen doctors and therapists and it’s just the way the anxiety manifests and it’s annoying, but not life-threatening in my case (if you’re feeling shortness of breath, it could be a sign of something else, so get checked out before assuming it’s from anxiety), but it is annoying, so I wanted to see if CBD would fix it.

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