Can Vaping MCT Oil Give You Lipoid Pneumonia?

Can Vaping MCT Oil give you lipoid pneumonia?

Lipoid pneumonia is a condition that occurs when lipids – the medical term for fats – enter the respiratory system and cause inflammation of the lungs, which is pneumonia.

Exogenous lipoid pneumonia occurs when the fats come from outside the body. If the fats come from within the body, it’s endogenous.

Vape e-liquids commonly contain oils, which recently had people worrying about whether inhaling them could cause lipoid pneumonia. In particular, MCT Oil, a common vape oil base, was rumored to play a role in the condition.

Thankfully, research quickly proved those reports wrong. MCTs or medium chain triglycerides are fats that behave more like carbohydrates. Typical fats have longer ‘chains’ while MCTs have smaller, medium chains. Because of their smaller molecular structure, they get rapidly and completely hydrolyzed.

Because MCT oil is different from regular fats, it cannot be linked to lipoid pneumonia, and clinical research supports this too. So go ahead and find your MCT/CBD blend!

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