Knowing When to Hold your Tongue // #2 – Kayla Mann

“Camaraderie is the biggest thing. People trying to do this shit on their own – yeah you have the luck-ability to succeed. I think we’re in this today, growing this industry and flying the plane while building it. The biggest thing for me is our relationships; they are everything….The people that are going to succeed in this industry, you hope it’s all the ones that care and that we can all do it together.” – Kayla Mann

Getting started in an industry with few benchmarks and ever-changing regulations can be tumultuous and challenging. Amidst the ruckus, Kayla Mann has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with – blazing trails in marketing, financing,launching and growing one successful company after the next – her latest hinged on “fish-shit” (legit).

With a curious spirit, a sharp mind and a magnetic presence that seeps through the microphone, Kayla takes our listeners on a raw journey of what it takes to navigate the complexities of such a young industry, unpacks some realities of the start-up life, and solidifies why collaboration is the only way forward if you plan on being a success story in this business of weed.


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