How to Start Your Own Business in 2021 – Ep. 2

You will need a better understanding on how the 2021 PACT Act affects smoke shop owners. Equally as important to the business, ensuring your store keeps up with trends while only selling legal products.

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Chad Wade started his entrepreneurial career in the year 2000, building his sales game from there. He now has 4 Smoke Shop retail locations in Louisville Kentucky called “Up N Smoke” and also a nation wide wholesale business that sells to smoke shops called, “UNS Wholesale.” With all of his success he now aims to educate the public on how to become Independent and in charge of your destiny.

Full Business BreakDown with George!

How to Purchase Inventory (In Store Breakdown)

How to Display Your Retail Store

POS systems

In store – Retail Layout Breakdown

What to do for Opening day for your business

Changing Laws –



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