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How to add a nicotine shot is something that was never asked a couple of years ago, but with the advent of shortfill eliquids, nicotine shots or ‘nic shots’ have become a thing.

0:34 – How many nic shots makes 3mg?
1:30 – Best tip for how to add a nic shot to e liquid
2:10 – How much nic shot to add to a 50ml
5:00 – Shake and vape liquid – How long to wait before vaping

What are nic shots? They are high nicotine eliquid, with no flavour used to add to zero nicotine big eliquid bottles, to add nicotine. Generally the nicotine level when added to a zero mg shortfill will come to 3mg. This is because unflavoured nic shots dilute flavour and if you add too many nicotine shots, two things will happen.

1. It will dilute the flavour and make it taste like something you are less pleased with.

2. It won’t fit, as the shortfill eliquids are designed to only be brought up to 3mg. Eg: a 60ml bottle will have 50ml already in it. Add a 10ml nic shot and you have 60ml of 3mg nicotine eliquid. Add any more than this and it’s going to come out the top and onto your hands, your sandwich, your sofa etc etc

There are a few ways to add a nic shot and it really comes down to the type of bottle lid you are dealing with. Some just ping off with a butter knife, some unscrew, but some are downright annoying. I’ll show you our hack for those ones.

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