CBD, Cannabis And Depression – Treatment Of Depression With CBD & Cannabis Medicine – Dr Dani Gordon

In this video I’m going to talk about cannabis and depression so cannabis and depression is a really hot topic it’s a controversial topic for many people and before I started adding cannabis medicines to my own practice I have a lot of misconceptions myself about cannabis and depression over a decade ago when I was in medical school we didn’t really learn anything about the endocannabanoids system……

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I was told you know people who smoke cannabis will be a bigger risk of depression it will make their depression and mood disorders worse universally it didn’t really matter what was in the cannabis whether it was really high CBD low THC there was no even distinction in what we were talking about so there was a lot of fear in the medical community around cannabis of all forms even CBD around mood disorders and depression in particular what I found when I started using cannabis medicines in my practice was that I was getting a lot of referrals with patients who suffer with depression and as most people who have suffered with depression will know or know someone who has suffered with depression it’s not that depression is just in isolation and everything in there about from there life is amazing usually my patients who are suffering with depression also have an element of anxiety with their depression they sometimes have sleep dysfunction they oftentimes have chronic pain they have other things that are going on so oftentimes depression is part of this bigger picture and sometimes depression is the final common endpoint for things that have gone wrong in the brain in the body and it really the brain is in this withdraw and protect mode not going out into the world and kind of you know approach behavior mode which we all kind of want to be in to really thrive and I do a lot of brain stuff as well and when we look at eg studies of the brain when we actually look at the electrical things that are going on in the brain with depression we have an underactive left frontal lobe with depression so basically in depression want to wake the brain back up and help people interact with the world in a better way so this is where cannabis medicines can come in handy – my initial surprise so initially when someone comes to me and depression is a main feature of why they’re coming to see me they’ve usually already tried a gazillion different things for their depression they’ve usually already tried things like therapy and CB CBT cognitive behavioral therapy they’ve tried exercise a lot of times they’ve tried lots of drugs a lot of times they tried other herbal medicines and none of them really worked that well so these are the times of patients who come to see me for cannabis medicine and usually what I do to start them off someone with depression is I start out with a CBD oil as a base of their therapy and I started out with taking the CBD oil in the morning in the mid afternoon or around lunchtime with food always and then really around like 5:00 p.m. in the evening


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