Cannabinoids, Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp Deep Dive | Conscious Conversations – A Mind Illuminated

In this week’s episode, we welcome Tony Budden, Africa’s most renowned Cannabis expert & globally awarded Cannabis Influential of all time!

We look into the stigmas around the cannabis plant, it’s incredible benefits & quickly come to realize that this plant may easily be considered one of the most versatile plants on earth.

Enjoy the insightful conversation & give us thumbs up 👍 if you enjoyed it!

About Tony Budden
Tony has been in the forefront of Cannabis research & activism in South Africa for over 20 years. He is a founding partner of South Africa’s first-ever sustainable Hemp Emporium ( Hemporium ), specializing in apparel, skincare & industrial hemp products. Tony sits on the board of cannabis research trials, guiding its global movement. was also recently awarded.


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