CBD Oil for Anxiety

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CBD Oil has gotten a lot of attention lately in the media due to its ability to fix seizures. It also can help with health problems, anxiety, and depression.

TJ Nelson of goes over what CBD is and what to take.

Also, I blew the vapor out at the beginning for cinematic effect. When I tested the vape pen, I inhaled it all the way and am very familiar with how to vape something.

0:56 – What Exactly is CBD Oil?
1:33 – CBD Works by Affecting Your Endocannabinoid System
1:56 – CBD Can Act as a 5-HT1 Agonist Which Helps People With Anxiety & Depression
2:06 – CBD Oil Gained Traction When It Stopped Someone’s Seizures on Live Television
2:41 – The Strain of Cannabis That Helped Seizures was Named Charlotte’s Web After Her
3:05 – Two Primary Ways to Take CBD Oil – With THC and Without THC
4:03 – Research Study in 2011 Done on Social Anxiety and CBD Oil
4:30 – CBD and THC can Affect Receptors in the Amygdala, Reducing Your Fight or Flight Response
5:28 – People with PTSD are Benefiting From the Reduced Fight-or-Flight with CBD Also
5:50 – Side Effects of CBD Oil
6:19 – Most Common Side Effect Of CBD Oil was Dry Mouth
6:36 – Which CBD Oil Do You Take?
8:15 – Organabus and Vape Pens
9:05 – Random Tinctures from Head Shops and Gas Stations
10:04 – Best Option if You Can’t Get a Prescription
13:05 – The Best Product for CBD Oil that I Tried
13:45 – The CBD with High THC Content Got me High and Messed Me Up
16:49 – CBD is a Risk-Free Experiment to See If It Can Help You

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