Top 8 Best Menthol Vape Juices For 2021 – Best Menthol E Liquid

Welcome one and all to yet another exciting MIST roundup, in which we take a look at some examples of true vape juice excellence. We’ve covered the best brands, the best fruity and the best tobacco vape juices on the market in the UK, now it’s time for the best menthol vape juices of 2021!

The best menthol vape juices are:

04:40 – MIST Originals – Menthol Sensation
0:58 – Koncept XIX – Heisenberg
01:29 – Aisu – Aloe Vera
02:12 – Aisu – Blue Raspberry
02:40 – Wick Liquor – Boulevard Shattered
03:16 – Elements Far – Neon Green Slushie
03:54 – MIST MTL Short Fill – Blizzard
05:36 – MIST Salt Nic – Cucumber Mint


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