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CBD oil filling and capping machine monoblock, glass dropper bottle filling machine .
Designed & Manufactured by:Reliance Machinery Company from China
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CBD Oil Filling Capping Machine Introduction:

Reliance R-VF monoblock amber / Boston glass dropper bottle filler capper machine is design for the plastic or glass bottle with dropper pipette caps. It is widely used in CBD industrials, suit for fill CBD oil, eliquid, tincture, Lugol’s Iodine, e smoke oil, e juice, e-cig oil, cannabis oil , hemp oil , THC oil and vapor oil.
CBD oil filling machine process in motion:

1.Empty bottle sorting and feeding in conveyor
Note: Sensor will tell if bottle full of conveyor ( feeding table will stop if the sensor detective)
2.Empty Bottle ready into star wheel
3.Empty bottle move to the filling station and filled with cbd oil or cannabis oil
Note: Sensor will detective if the bottle available under the filling nozzles( no bottle no fill )
4.Filled bottle move to the caps on station ( place dropper on )
Note: Sensor will tell if the bottle is available under the dropping station of caps ( no bottle no caps on)
5.Capping station for dropper cap closing ( by servo control system)

Filling and dosing System:
1. high accuracy 0.8%
2. Filling system can design with piston pump ( suit for thick oil) or Peristaltic pump ( suit for light oil )
3. Design with CIP system, it can self clean the pump and tube

1. Easy operate and clean, just one filling machine operator can handle it.
2. Low cost on maintenance
3. Speed adjustment by servo system
4. Quick change over of the parts for different size of dropper bottles and pipette caps
5. All fully automatic, only need one operate
6. PLC control and 7″ Touch screen

1.Monoblock type
2.Model RVF
3.Filling for liquids and cbd oils
4.brand new, design in excellent conditions
5.Manufacture: Reliance Machinery Co., Ltd
6.Filling Speed: Mini 30 bottle up to 60 bottles/min ( base on container types)
7.Filling volume: mini 5 ml to 150 ml (1 Oz to 4 Oz)
8.Container type: glass dropper bottle and plastic dropper bottles
9.Close type: screw caps and dropper caps

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