making a ceelabb cbd coffee

making a ceelabb cbd coffee
the perfect way to start your morning

Ceelabb CBD Infused Coffee is finally here after 10 months of perfecting the CBD infusion process.

its available for you to make a cafe style CBD Coffee right at home.

why did it take us so long to perfect?
when hot water was added to the coffee the CBD evaporated and this was a huge problem for us.

we spent some time to perfect the infusion process because its important to us that we provide the highest quality products on the market.

now we are happy to say we can now provide a lab test to guarantee CBD content in each pack, but thats not all. we didn’t stop there. we double lab tested our Coffee pre and post cup to guarantee every cup has CBD Contained in the Coffee and not just the packet.

ethically sourced and hand picked from farmers in Columbia. imported into Ireland and roast and infuse them right here.

the Italians are famous for their Coffee, so this is exactly why we roasted our coffee in an Italian style.

yes the beans are columbian but our coffee is very much an Italian Coffee.

why drink Ceelabb CBD infused Coffee?

most people drink one coffee every day. so why not a coffee that gives you your daily wellbeing dose of CBD.

to get the CBD oil Benefits what better way than thru a cup of delish CBD coffee.

so what bean will you choose and why? Whole bean or Medium course?

wanna learn more about CBD Infused Coffee ???

check out our blog, we explain everything there is know know about CBD Infused Coffee.

my favourite way to enjoy a CBD infused coffee by using a french press..

cafe style coffee you can make at home in 5 mins.

not just any cafe style coffee but CBD infused Coffee..

ceelabb CBD Infused 100gram coffee bags
Ceelabb CBD Infused Coffee

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suitable for vegans

Is CBD legal in ireland?
yes CBD oil is legal in Ireland.

CBD extracted from industrial hemp is deemed legal in Ireland.

so you have noting to worry about. all our CBD products are fully legal in Ireland.


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