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Verlota CBD Oil is the fastest and most effective way to get your daily dose of both CBD and pure natural energy. In today’s world we are all going at a mile a minute, some days it can be impossible to get 5 minutes of downtime without having to run out the door again.

As the world gets more hectic it’s easy for our energy levels to become depleted and we end up functioning at very low level. Whether you are running home from work to make the kids dinner or trying to fit in a 20 minute workout in, sometimes we need some help to get us through the day.

A lot of us turn to coffee, energy drinks or even harsh over the counter energy pills, but we all know the effect those have on both your body and mental state once the initial burst of energy has worn off. That’s why we’ve crafted a supplement that is made with the power of CBD along with all natural supplements that will help your body cope with your lack of energy without any harmful side effects.

Verlota CBD Oil comes packed a powerful punch of energy while also helping your body heal and become healthier, with tinctures in both 1000mg and 3000mg of CBD you can achieve any level of energy your body desires.

With more and more work providing us with less and less of a day to refuel our bodies it is easy and understandable to burn ourselves out. The life source to anything in the world is energy, we rely on it to move us through the day, get through difficult times and to become better at everything we do. The amount of both positive and natural energy can change the landscape of your life for the better.

Administering the proper dose of ENERGY: CBD Oil Tinctures by Verlota have never been easier. Simply apply the desired amount of CBD oil under your tongue and hold it for 15-20 seconds. The sublingual method of ingesting CBD isolate is the most common and effective way to take it.

It offers the fastest results and allows the medication to to absorb into your bloodstream faster than when it is ingested orally. This allows ENERGY: CBD Oil Tincture to act faster instead of needing to first be processed by the liver before taking effect. Adding an unnecessary metabolism step before you are able to feel the energizing effects of Verlota’s ENERGY: CBD Oil Tincture to take hold.

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