Testing CL Limone Vape (417mg THC) Indica

Today I am testing the Curaleaf Indica vape cartridge.

THCA 175.524mg/ml THC 102.464mg/ml CBDA .010mg/ml CBD 1.022mg/ml CBGA 3.879mg/ml CBG 2.044mg/ml CBN .0764mg/ml CBC 1.498mg/ml

Terpenes: a-pine, b-pine, beta-myrcene, Limonene, b-caryohhyllene, Humulene

Microbiological: mycotoxins, heavy-metals, chemical residue ALL PASS.

The T417 is the first Indica cartridge released from Curaleaf & does have a slight kick as you inhale so if you have breathing issues or respiratory problems this might not be the one for you.

I instantly felt it, in the head however it is nothing overbearing or over heavy, in it’s heady. just a nice over all feel.


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