How to Infuse Your Own Cigars

This is Kayla with and today I’m going to tell you a little bit about infusing your own cigars. Now a lot of people will use a wine or a whiskey, but you can use pretty much any liquor. You want to stay away from liquors like amaretto or things like that, which are really sticky. You can still use them but you’ll just have to water them down a little bit.

Today we’re going to be using a wine, although I can’t tell you which wine. The first thing you want to do is grab an old humidor. You want an old humidor that you’re not going to use anymore because you will ruin it! You can’t use this humidor anymore for storing regular cigars. So you’re going to pour a little bit of your wine or liquor into a small glass. Then you’re going to wipe down the inside cedar of your humidor.

Once you’re done wiping it down, you want the base to dry a little bit because you’re going to be putting the cigars straight in there. You can also put a little bit of the wine or liquor into your humidifier and use that as your source of humidity.

So you want to make sure that the cellophane is removed from your cigars. We’re using a hand rolled Nicaraguan cigar; you don’t need to use a brand name or super expensive cigar because the flavor of the wine or liquor is going to take up the majority of that flavor. So if you’re using your favorite cigar, you’re not going to get the same flavor notes that you’re expecting. Any cigar will do but typically it’s better to use a lighter flavored cigar, so it’s easier for the wine or liquor to be apparent.

Then you just put those in and you close up your humidor. You can put a post it note or sticker on there with the name of the wine or liquor that you used and the date that you started. You’re going to want to open that up and reapply about every week or so. After about a month, you’ll have flavored or infused cigars.

If you want a lighter flavor or a lighter infusion, you don’t have to wipe down the cedar; you can just use the humidifier. It’s important that you realize you can use a Tupperware container. However, you’ll have a lot of humidity in there because (as you can see) that’s a lot of humidity caused by the wine or liquor. If you use Tupperware, that doesn’t breathe, so you need to make sure that you open it quite often so that the cigars don’t get over-humidified.

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