Should Children Vape? Is Vaping Safe for Kids? My Thoughts

Should Kids Vape? Is Vaping Safe?
Let’s talk about children vaping.

Kids everywhere are “Juuling”, Less kids are smoking.

Since the birth of vaping, kids have been sheltered from vape with a sense of urgency that surpasses traditional cigarettes. It’s often falsely depicted as being the equivalent of being addicted to heroin or other narcotics. What I would like to do today is discuss the potential of vaping helping underage kids also kick the habit of tobacco addiction by way of electronic cigarettes.

My short answer: Vaping is safer than smoking, And as a society, maybe it’s time we take a deeper look into our approach on smoking cessation. Is children underage vaping worse than smoking? No, let’s talk about it.

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“The report concludes that there is no evidence that vaping is associated with heart disease, lung disease or cancer. Groups that have been telling the public about all sorts of risks associated with vaping, such as “popcorn lung” and increased risk of cancer, have been making unsupported claims.”

Should Kids Vape? Is Vaping Safe? These are my thoughts


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