Giving the Zeus X Another Try

Wanted to talk today about that new GeekVape Zeus X RTA. My first few go arounds with this RTA were not my favorite. Thinning the wicks is a practice i’ve never really done. But it helps tremendously with this RTA.

Stick with dual coils in the ZEUS X as well. it can easily do a single coil, but the vape quality is fairly low. The Zeus X is a rockin RTA. It’s not leaps and bounds better than the hundreds of RTA’s out on the market, But it’s solid… and I guess that’s ok.

If you’re in the market for a new new RTA, the ZeusX is a super solid bet.

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Vaping is far less harmful for you. The science is in. The science has been in. The “epidemic” is a fabrication. The US Government cares less about your health than they do about money and big Pharma’s bottom line.

This information is being actively suppressed. Other countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand are embracing vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction and are seeing MASSIVE drops in deadly cigarette smoking.

Read the science for yourself



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