I bought a vape from wish

This is my vape haul I bought from wish . its one of the only vape on wish that didn’t look like a clone of another product so this is the one I went for. also on wish this was one of the more expensive ones so I thought id go for that with the hopes that the larger price tag would mean a better product.. but does it? watch till the end to find out! This wish app cheap place to get vape stuff.. But is it worth it? Wish is an app where people sell direct from China. you can find some surprisingly good deals on there but never believe the rrp as that is just a giant load! if you do find something and there are no offer codes then hold of ordering for a day and leave to product in your cart because 9 times out of 10 wish will either message you saying your item has been discounted further or the next time you log on to the wish app you will be greeted by a nice discount code. I do not advise buying vape or ecig products on wish as these products can come from untrusted or even non-brands. this video is intended for fun only. Surprisingly this wish review of my wish haul as far as shipping was pretty quick!

This is usually where I would put the link in for the product but if you watch the video, you will understand why there’s not a link here!

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I bought a vape from wish
I bought a vape on wish

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