Koi CBD Inhaler Review | 1,000mg Broad Spectrum CBD | Mint Mojito & Orange Dreamsicle

Looking for a unique and incredibly effective CBD product? Look no further than the Koi CBD Inhalers!

Eden from Wellicy reviews the brand new Koi CBD Inhalers which are available in 2 flavors: Orange Dreamsicle & Mint Mojito.

Each Koi CBD Inhaler is packed with 1,000mg of broad spectrum CBD, meaning even the trace amounts of THC have been removed!

With 5mg of broad spectrum CBD per inhale, the Koi CBD Inhaler is exceptional for newbies and advanced users alike!

As you can gradually increase or decrease your dosage by precisely 5mg to find your ideal daily dosage.

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Koi CBD Inhaler Flavors:
– Mint Mojito
– Orange Dreamsicle (Orange & Vanilla)

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