4Oz to 8 Oz cbd oil glass dropper bottle RVF filling capping and RLB labeling machine RELIANCE

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4Oz to 8 Oz cbd oil dropper bottle RVF filling capping machine and RLB labeling machine , Designed & Manufactured by: Shanghai Reliance Machinery Company from China
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Model: RVF filling and capping machine
Application: perfume, oil, massage, essential, cbd oil, tincture, fresh oil, lip gloss, CBD oil, serum, hemp oil, cannabis oil
Container and closer: glass bottle and vial, with pipette dropper cap
Capacity: 30 – 60 bottles/min
Filling range: 4Oz to 8Oz, 120ml to 240ml
Filling nozzles: 2 pcs to 8 pcs
Capping head: 1 pcs to 2 pcs
Function: empty bottle feeding, filling, place dropper caps on, cap close, finish
Industry: CBD, pharmaceutical, cosmetic
Type: Monoblock type

Model: RLB sticker labeling machine
Capacity : 100 – 120 bottles/min
Control system: all servo drive, and using PLC control

Condition: brand new, lead time 45 – 60 days ready for shipping
Relative machine: glass dropper bottle washing machine, dropper bottle cap shrink machine, dropper bottle carton machine

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1.24 hours / 365days online service.
2.On-site installation, testing, training.
3.SAT /FAT for pharmaceutical industry
3.High quality and lasted technology and lowest price
4.With 10 years design and manuacturing experience
5.We meet GMP / FDA requirement and passed CE approved.
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