Hamilton Tombstone 510 Vaporizer Battery

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The double-wide version of the Cloak, Discount Vape Pen welcomes in the Hamilton Tombstone!

With a similar design to the Cloak, the Hamilton Tombstone offers all that glory and lets you double it up. That’s right, you can vape 2 cartridges at the same time, just like the vape gods wanted. The 650mAh powerbank from the Cloak is also used in the Tombstone, allowing for all day and all night vaping. 2 different size cartridges you say? No worries, the Hamilton Tombstone can take a 1ml and .5ml cart simultaneously. It can also use 1 cartridge in one port and a supplied cap will block the other port. This battery works great with CCELL cartridges. Enjoy two of your favorite vape cartridges at the same time, or mix two different flavors for a very unique vaping experience!


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