CBD Oil – Fad or The Future

Are CBD Oil Foods a Fad or Here to Stay?

Cannabidiol, known as CBD for short is one of over 400 chemicals found in the cannabis plant.

So why has CBD oil been grabbing all the headlines recently?

Because, in sufficiently large doses, it looks like it can alleviate the symptoms of certain illnesses, like chronic epilepsy.

Seen as a ‘wonder cure’, it is now supposed to help with acne, anxiety, sleep disorders and reduce pain, to name just a few ailments.

As the use of CBD oil has become legal, there’s a new bandwagon just rolled into town.
The food and drink industry have just jumped on board.

Did you know that there’s a company which has produced the first CBD oil fizzy drink or that you can get coffee and frozen yogurt with CBD oil in it, classic gummies or chocolate bars, even salad dressing, pizza, and tacos.

The problem is, the levels of CBD oil contained in these products is so, so low, unlike the levels you’ll find in CBD vape juice, as to be unlikely to be of any health benefit at all.

CBD oil is here to stay, but do you think it will only ever be a food and drink fad?

Tried any yourself?

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