Element Amazon Fire TV – Hands On Review


We’re taking a look at the Element Amazon Fire 4K UHD TV in this hands on review. The Element utilizes Amazon’s Fire TV and changes the way you look and interact with a TV.

If you are going for a sleek design, this TV has it. A trim bezel runs around the whole TV and matches with the metal legs. The legs stand at 35.25 inches wide, giving plenty of stability to your new TV. The screen has an anti-reflective coating, but the coating is not strong so you will get a little bit of reflection, especially in bright rooms.

The remote looks a lot like the Fire TV remotes we have seen in the past, with a few additions. Toward the bottom, there are three white buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, and Amazon Music. At the top of the remote, there is a speaker button giving you the ability to speak with Alexa on the TV. Keep in mind that if you own an Echo speaker you can use far-field communication to activate Alexa and communicate with the TV.

One of the smartest and easiest TVs that we’ve ever tested, it’s impossible not to recommend the Element Amazon Fire TV.


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