260 – What We Can Learn from the Challenges of Selling CBD Products with Derek Spruill of Cherry Bl

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Derek is the co-owner of Cherry Blossom CBD. They’re a Maryland based wholesaler and distributor of industrial hemp with an exclusive retail line of hemp based products.

His innovative line of nutraceutical supplements are all made from American grown & organically processed hemp and independently lab tested.

These products are naturally helping people find relief of pain, inflammation, anxiety as well as a host of other ailments.


• Life is all about perspective. Be open to learn from others.
• Acquire and seek out new skills along the way. You never know when they can help you in your chosen path.
• Don’t get stuck in your initial vision because things will change. Be open to adapt to it.
• Educate your consumers so they can make informed decisions.
• Make sure people understand what your product is and how it works.
• Sampling is the way your customers experience how good your product is. Especially with consumable products, they must be able to taste it.
• Engaging with people is the key to success at craft shows.







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