How To Mix Terpenes With Cannabinoid Oil (△9, △8, CBD Distillates) Cannabasics #139

(For entertainment and information purposes only) Learn how to mix terpenes with cannabinoid oils, such as △9, △8, CBD and other distillates, on Cannabasics Ep. 139. Sponsored by: (Save 25% with the code: RUFF)

Types of terpenes:
MT (Medical Terpenes): Strain specific, botanically derived with 40 -80 isolates per profile.
ST (Sauce Terpenes): Strain specific, botanically derived with an amped up, danker terpene profile also with 40 -80 isolates per profile.
Live Resin: Strain specific, cannabis derived terpenes with an advanced more nuanced terpene profile derived naturally from the plant.

Cannabinoid oil distillates are refined oils that contain a vast amount of 1 particular cannabinoid. This can be CBD, △9(THC), △8, △10 or a number of other distillates.

Why mix terpenes and distillates? There are multiple reasons to mix terpenes into distillates.
To flavor the distillate to taste like cannabis (or something else).
To create nuances in how the distillates will affect you.
To thin the distillate to work better in vape cartridges.

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